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Get your unique, one of a kind gift caricature for your friend, family member, business associate or staff.

Gallery 2, 3, 4 and 5 are the various gift caricature examples that people have commissioned me to do.

The drawing of caricatures is very subjective and the interpretation of a face is unique to every person. What you look like to me is not exactly what you look like to your friends. There are things that often stand out and which we notice more or less in certain people.


A happy client.


I draw caricatures live at events and as gifts for people. Please look over my Pricing page for answers about commissioned work.

My live-event clients range from a multitude of event planning companies, Direct Energy-Ontario, Medtronics of Canada, The City of Barrie, Napoleon Home Fireplaces, Orillia Construction Association, Intrawest-Blue Mountain, Craiglieth Ski Club, Givaudan Canada, Cardinal Golf Course, Plan Group, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Con-agra Foods, a host of other firms, and many private functions right in people's homes.

When drawing, I look for the personality in the face as the actual drawing of the face often comes from that. When I can meet people, I look at the way they smile, the way they talk, and the way their eyes look at me. When people send me photos to use as reference, I try and see more than the photo shows me. I always ask for more than one photo to get a better idea of the person's face and body. Its more of a challenge to draw from photos. : )

Caricatures represent ideas or impressions about people. They are not meant to be exact photographic copies of people and of course cannot be due to the exaggerations utilized. We have to make them funny somehow!

Caricature work benefits not just the person having a caricature done as as gift, but also thrills the commonly large crowds that come over to watch the drawing being done. To a lot of them, its like magic.

I have done caricatures for private functions, as corporate retirement presents for company executives, caricatures of sales reps for advertising in the newspapers and gifts for private groups and families who wanted something different and fun.

These will give you an idea of my abilities.
Get in touch and we can talk further about your ideas.

Caricatures do put people in a good mood !


Over the next couple of gallery pages, are some examples of gift caricatures I have done of people.


This was a wedding commission by the couple. Once I completed it, they had a mat put around it and their guests signed it as a guest book. She was quite pleased when she saw the finished drawing.





This man's wife hired me to draw this up for her husband who was reluctantly turning 50.



Apparently this is one of those guys who always says he can eat.....and then never gains any weight. It was a birthday present from his buddy that was framed up and given to him. I heard it was much enjoyed. : )



This was a creative idea concieved by this guys wife. She told me everything I should put in the drawing and I gave the visuals to her imagination. I made up the crossword.



I was asked to draw up this caricature cartoon for a wedding invite.



A very nice lady commissioned me to draw up this fun caricature for her husbands 40th birthday.

The kids loved it as well, as I was able to incorporate them into the pic. Friends and family members signed it.




This was given to the PR Director of Barrie's Hospital at his big retirement party.

I was told to illustrate his future plans for travelling across Canada as well as to incorporate his various interests such as Big Band music and the trumpet




I was commissioned by this guys wife to do this for his 50th birthday.

"He loved it! It was great. Went over really well. Thanks again Paul!"




Whew! Talk about getting a lot into one drawing. But for this 50th Anniversary couple it was necessary.

Wonderful and appreciative people from Sudbury hired me to draw this up for their parents. I heard it went over quite well when presented to them. I Googled to find an image online of the church they got married in. Lucked out. : )


The bride-to-be asked for this drawing to be done up. She was quite, quiet happy with it.




This was for a lady who loves this type of car....and Snoopy.

She wrote, "Looks great! Thanks
for doing it so quickly for me. You did an awesome job! "


This was a nice birthday gift commissioned for a talented and energetic lady.




An appreciated gift from one friend to another, sent across Canada.



Dolphin ride


Markham Men's Fun Softball League pitcher.



A lovely lady cherishing life, flowers and happiness.

One of my favs.

Paul Forde

Paul Ford

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