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Get your unique gift caricature of friend, family member, business associate, staff or team member as retirement gifts, birthday presents, graduation gift, weddings or other special occasions.

Below are some samples of ones I've done for people who have contacted me either in person or via just email, by sending me pictures of the caricature subject.

These drawings are for the most part, about 16" X 20", on sturdy illustration board, suitable for framing.

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I was commissioned to do this for a lady who was opening up her own kennel.



I did this one for a dentist on the west coast who likes to dance it up.


A delightful example of a unique engagment at a cottage, next to the beaver dam at night. I was told the couple were quite delighted with this, cause, hey- there wasn't any photographers handy at the time.



This lovely lady served up 33 years with Direct Energy.

I believe she was from Aruba.

I was asked to draw all eight of these professionals in an appropriate setting.

The man in the chair is the team leader who was moving on to bigger and better things.



An outgoing president's gift from his association. He and his kids were big trail bike riders.


Manatee couple

This young lady commissioned me to draw this up for them. Sometimes a photo just can't capture a moment!




I was commisssioned by Direct Energy when this happy guy retired from them.



I was commissioned by a family member to create this wonderful image.

Apparently she's a wiz at making cheescakes!


I was asked to draw this wonderful gentleman in this manner by his workmates to make him laugh.

Apparently I suceeded from what they told me. But this is what its all about!



This lovely lady served up 33 years with Direct Energy.

I believe she was from Aruba.

The outgoing prez of the Greater Barrie HomeBuilders Association and the owner of Gregor Homes. This went over very well at the party.


This fine lady ordered this as a gift for her guy. I recieved a very nice thank-you afterwards, where she mentioned that he absolutely loved this.



The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce hired me to draw this for this outgoing GM. I think he will enjoy his retirement at his oceanside retreat.


The father commissioned me to show the love of books, dance and song in his family.

He wrote, " WE absolutlety LOVE the ARTWORK!! I Couldn't believe how well it could come out. They both resemble them amazingly."